Kamei Katana – Handmade Samurai Sword – by YariNoHanzo


Kamei Katana by YNH. Tribute to Kamei Korenori daimyo. Highly sofisticated Soshu kitae method, 1045+1060+1095 folded carbon steel blade. Real hamon. This sharp handmade Katana is suitable for Battodo and Tameshigiri


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Kamei Katana – Handmade Samurai Sword – by YariNoHanzo


Why buy this Katana?

This high quality handmade Samurai katana sword has features typical of a Tameshigiri katana, perfect for martial arts practice and unique Battodo performance. The SOSHU KITAE blade without bohi is made of 1045 -1060 -1095 high folded carbon steel, has a full tang and is fully functional. The differentially hardened and clay tempered blade is authentic Hamon Notare style.  A blue silk Tsukaito and a very elegant Koshirae gives this katana an amazing aesthetic look. This handmade YariNoHanzo katana has a traditional tsuka with hishigami that guarantees a better grip and a longer lasting Tsukamaki. The YNH Samurai Sword comes with a black lacquered high quality wooden saya completely wrapped with cane and strengthen with real buffalo horn. The weight makes it a demanding sword suitable for expert and demanding practitioners. The Katana is sharpened and is suitable for Battodo and Tameshigiri. Authentic handmade production. All parts can be disassembled and reassembled like a real Katana. This katana is supplied with a bordeaux cotton bag and has passed the quality control by YariNoHanzo.


Nagasa :71 cm. – 73 Cm. with Habaki
Hamon :Sitle “Gunome Chôji”- real hamon
Sori :2,2Cm.
Tsuka :26,5 Cm. – WITH HISHIGAMI
Tsuka Ito :Blue silk
Same :Real ray skin
Tsuba :Hokei
Bohi :
Saya :78 Cm. black laquered wood – Kuroro
Sageo :Deluxe Sasanami Sageo – SILK – Light Blue – MADE IN JAPAN
Mekugi :Nr. 2 in bamboo
Weight :1.380 Gr. with Saya – 1.130 Gr. without Saya
Koiguchi :Real buffalo horn
Kurigata :Real buffalo horn
Kojiri :Real buffalo horn
Steel :1045+1060+1095 high carbon steel – Folded and clay tempered
Sakihaba22 mm
Forging method:Soshu Kitae
Motohaba32 mm

Soshu Kitae blade without bohi, made of 1045 -1060 -1095 high folded carbon steel.

Differentially hardened and clay tempered blade, authentic Hamon Notare style.

Fully functional handmade samurai katana sword.

Katana can be disassembled.

Kamei Korenori

The Kamei family was a Japanese samuri clan originally from Kii province and ruled in Izumo province later on.
Kamei Korenori served under Hideyoshi in war against the Mori clan after the death of Oda Nobunaga. He probably participated in the invasion of Korea.
Korenori was revered for his exceptional service to Hideyoshi by title Lord of Ryukyu. Korenori died of natural causes in 1612.
Samurais of Kamei clan served in Japan till Meiji reform in 1868.


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